It is possible to use webdav in iRODS by placing the URL that is normally used for the authentication procedure in your web browser. It should prompt a username / password panel which when succesfully will show you the iRODS instance content.

It is also possible to mount the iRODS instance as a network drive. Select the tab that corresponds to your environment for more details.


Currently the latest version of iCommands is only available through a Linux environment. The easiest approach to have icommands available on your system is through Docker.

To install docker look at your operating system below:


To start the docker container with the icommands available you can use this command:

docker run -it --entrypoint /bin/bash docker-registry.wur.nl/m-unlock/docker/irods:latest

As this is a clean docker instance it does not contain any authentication documentation. You can create the required irods_environment.json file inside the docker instance but upon starting a new instance this information is lost.

The best approach would be to exit the docker container and create an irods folder containing the irods_envrionment.json file. There are also additional features within this json file that ensures that your connection is encrypted and that you do not need to provide all access information each time you start the docker container.

  • Create an irods folder

  • Create an irods_environment.json file in the irods folder with the following content

    "irods_user_name": "<USERNAME>",
    "irods_zone_name": "unlock",
    "irods_host": "unlock-icat.irods.surfsara.nl",
    "irods_port": 1247,
    "irods_client_server_negotiation": "request_server_negotiation",
    "irods_client_server_policy": "CS_NEG_REQUIRE",
    "irods_encryption_key_size": 32,
    "irods_encryption_salt_size": 8,
    "irods_encryption_num_hash_rounds": 16,
    "irods_encryption_algorithm": "AES-256-CBC",
    "irods_ssl_verify_server": "cert"

Make sure that you change your USERNAME, ZONE and HOSTNAME to the correct values.

When starting the docker container it is essential that the irods folder is mounted to the internal location of ~/irods/. The mounting of the folder is achieved via the -v parameter.

docker run -it -v /PATH/TO/IRODS/FOLDER:/root/.irods docker-registry.wur.nl/m-unlock/docker/irods:latest

When the docker container has succesfully started you can login via the iinit command

> iinit
Enter your current iRODS password:

When that is succcessful the iCommands are available for use. See ihelp or for more information.